Complete Tax Preparation – For only $250 or less*

  • Complete tax preparation, done the way you want
  • Pricing Guaranteed Through April 1, 2017 – NOW ONLY $250 or less*, includes filing an extension, if needed!
  • Bottom line – this price is the best we can offer

Over the last 10 years we’ve prepared hundreds of tax returns for clients who are now enjoying efficient, convenient and accurate tax preparation services.  Over time, we have learned that tax season isn’t about tax preparation, getting a refund, or paying taxes.  It’s about relieving a burden to help you get back to what matters most, enjoying life!  Our client first approach enables us to zero in on what affects you, and the life events that can help reduce your tax liability.

Why would we do tax returns at this price?  This gives us an opportunity to meet new people. When we meet or exceed your expectations, maybe you would consider some of our the other amazing services.

If you would like,you can book an appointment by calling 408-459-8383

Our tax preparation is performed by an Enrolled Agent.


  • BONUS #1: Family Estate Organizer ($495 value) organizes your Financial Life!
  • BONUS #2: Complimentary beneficiary review ($195 value)Complete tax preparation


Areas of Expertise:

  • Individual Federal and State Returns and eFile
  • Itemized Deductions (Schedule A)
  • Interest Income (Schedule B)
  • Profit and Loss from Business (Schedule C)
  • Capital Gains/Losses (Schedule D)
  • Rental Property Profit and Loss (Schedule E)
  • Education Credits
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Child and Dependent Care Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Adoption Credit
  • Residential Energy Credit
  • Electric Vehicle Credit
  • Retirement Savings Credit
  • List not exhaustive – contact us if you have any questions

Common Tax Deductions to Consider:

  • Mortgage Interest and Points Paid
  • Mortgage Insurance Premiums
  • Real Estate Property Taxes
  • Personal Property Taxes
  • Charitable Contributions and Donations
  • Miles Driven for a Charitable Purpose
  • Contributions to Tax-Exempt Organizations
  • Health and Dental Insurance Premiums
  • Unreimbursed Employment Related Expenses
  • Up to $250 of out of pocket expenses for Educators
  • Last year’s Tax Preparation Fee
  • Student Loan Interest Payments
  • Tuition and Fees Deduction
  • State and Local Sales Taxes
  • IRA Contributions (post tax)
  • Home Office Expenses
  • Job Search Expenses
  • Alimony Paid
  • Moving Expenses

Life Events with a Tax Impact:

  • Birth of a Child or Adoption
  • Early Retirement Account Withdrawal
  • Sale of Real or Personal Property
  • Purchase of Real Property
  • Dependent off to College
  • Purchase of a Car
  • Casualty Losses
  • Marriage
  • Divorce

Complete tax preparation fees:

  • $250* – Special Rate for those age 50 and up for the Federal and State Return Package, which includes Schedule A, C and one E as well as eFile and Direct Deposit (if needed an extension).
  • Call today to confirm you qualify for $250 or less.
  • Call (408) 459-8383 for an estimated fee for items not covered under the Federal and State Return Package

* The majority of tax returns will be prepared at the stated fee.  However, a select few will be subject to change based on the complexity of the return and required forms.  Simpler returns are less.

This is not tax advice and is not intended to be so.  For an appointment call (408) 459-8383

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Complete Tax Preparation – Including Schedule A

We are proud to offer complete* tax return solutions for individuals, including Schedule A, Federal e-Filing and one state e-Filing.  Our drop dead offer is only available until March 31, 2015.  The pricing for this offer is only $199*.
You can book your appointment here

There are several questions people will likely have:

  • Why would we offer to prepare taxes at $199*?
  • What’s the catch?
  • Okay, this is a teaser rate, surely there are additional charges!
  • You must plan on raising my rates next year!

Those are all valid questions and concerns.  Honestly, we live by the platinum rule – we treat people the way they would want to be treated.  Imagine how you would feel if you were misled by a low priced bait and switch.  We are 100% certain  you would not like that – therefore, we won’t jack the pricing on you.  Nothing hidden! At this point we don’t anticipate raising our rates next year.  However there may be expenses we are not able to control.

If you still have questions, please call us 408-459-8383

You can book your appointment here


Any business submitted after March 15, 2014 will be $250+.  Appointments after April 1, 2014 will likely result in an extension being filed.

*Additional fees apply for schedule C and 1099’s or W2’s in excess of 10

This website is owned/operated by Calrima Financial & Insurance Agency; California Insurance License 0F34289